24 January 2016
Sorry for such a little updates but i got a new job and I'm very very busy!Btw ,today i bring some new photos of my VANILLE from FINAL FANTASY XIII cosplay !


31 December 2015
Last update of the year and new photos for an old cosplay! It's ANARU from ANOHANA...see you next year !

14 August 2015
Today I bring you a new gallery for a very old cosplay! It's REI KUROSAWA from PROJECT ZERO ( FATAL FRAME ) 3

29 July 2015
OMG I'm not dead XD. Only having tons of trubles in " real life"...I'll be back with tons of pict ^ promise

08 March 2015
First update of the new year and first new cosplay.It's SONA from the moba LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

07 December 2014
New gallery.It's an umanized witch CHARLOTTE from the anime PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA

13 October 2014
I'm here with a new gallery : it's GENJO SANZO HOSHI from the serie GENSOMADEN SAIYUKI. I'm also trying to fix the problem with the videos.I'm sorry. See ya at LUCCA COMICS :3

24 August 2014
As i promised today i bring ELEVEN new videos. Thos are videos from an entire year..i hope to not collect as many video again without publishing them. Se let's star they are in :


24 July 2014
Added some new photos in old galleries : YOUJI from Loveless and VANITAS from Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep.Stay tuned cause soon i'll up a lot of videos

19 June 2014
A new gallery and a new champion from League of Legends. This time it's TEEMO ! Enjoy him in the VIDEOGAMES section

11 May 2014
Finally a new Gallery in VIDEOGAMES section.It's FIORA ,in her headmistress skin ,from League of Legends.Enjoy :3

5 March 2014
Added some new photos in my CAIUS BALLAD cosplay gallery.Soon new galleries !

27 February 2014
Added some ZOMBIES photo in Fantasy section. Added new photos in my KAMISAMA from Saiyuki Gallery,in Anime section

14 January 2014
First update of the new year ! And first gallery for the cosplay I took to Lucca comics. It's MEPHISTO PHELES from BLUE EXORCIST, in his traditional outfit.You can Find it in the ANIME gallery as well

15 December 2013
Added some new photos in my LEA from KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP gallery.Enjoy them

08 December 2013
It's christmas time ! Merry christmas and happy new year to everybody >w< .I'll come back soon with new galleries

08 November 2013
And here the gallery of one of my favourite character : KOUMYOU SANZO from Saiyuki. In ANIME Section

24 October 2013
While I'm making my new cosplay for the most important italian convention you are a new gallery! It's the ALICE IN WONDERLAND version of CIEL PHANTOMHIVE, from " Ciel in wonderland OAV".In ANIME gallery

25 September 2013
No,I'm not dead.I'm making some new cosplay per Lucca Comics. but I bring a new gallery. It's MEPHISTO PHELES from AO NO EXORCIST in his pink kimono outfit. in ANIME gallery

04 August 2013
New Gallery:SHA GOJYO in his SAIYUKI RELOAD outfit.In ANIME Gallery

13 July 2013
New cosplay: it's MELLO from DEATH NOTE. IN ANIME section

10 June 2013
A new gallery for one of my favourites cosplay : CAIUS BALLAD from FINAL FANTASY XIII-2!In VIDEOGAMES section

26 May 2013
Added some new photos in CLAUDE FAUSTUS  gallery

15 May 2013
A new gallery ! It's a new version of CIEL PHANTOMHIVE ,as in the 6th manga cover. In ANIME section.

28 April 2013
Just a minor update to bring you some new photos and video of GYOKUMEN KOSHU and SHURA..soon a lot of new galleries *^*

05 March 2013
I'm here with another new gallery! It's BEAST from KUROSHITSUJI,in ANIME cosplay gallery.

20 January 2013
New year and new cosplays! Today I upload GYOKUMEN KOSHU cosplay gallery,from SAIYUKI. in ANIME section

21 December 2012
Last update...of the world XD I bring you my SHURA KIRIGAKURE cosplay,from AO NO EXORCIST.In ANIME section.

11 December 2012
Second gallery from Lucca comics.It's a new version of CIEL PHANTOMHIVE from kuroshitsuji.

23 November 2012
And just a month after Lucca Comics here the first gallery of one of the cosplay i wore there.It's a new version of CIEL PHANTOMHIVE from kuroshitsuji.

15 November 2012
Added videos in ANARU,JOLTEON,GOJYO and KAMISAMA galleries

10 November 2012
Before I'll add five new cosplay gallery ,from Lucca comics,I'll upload some videos in their gallery.Today I bring a video in ANARU gallery and one in CIEL gallery. Enjoy =3

09 October 2012
Added a new video in YOUJI from Loveless gallery.A new cosplay gallery is online : KAMISAMA,from Saiyuki

23 September 2012
New cosplay ! It is NARUKO ANJOU,in her white dress ,from Anohana.I've also added some new photos in her SCHOOL UNIFORM gallery,from Rimini Comix

19 September 2012
A new layout online. I like it so much and I hope you like it too. I also bring a new gallery of an old cosplay. It is SHA GOJYO from Saiyuki.

29 August 2012
And here you are the first cosplay I bring this year at Rimin Comics .It's and original,summery version of Ciel Phantomhive.Enjoy X3

23 August 2012
Added some new photos in YOUJI  gallery,from Loveless,Soon I'll add some new costumes

25 July 2012
New Gallery. It's an umanized version of JOLTEON from Pokemon,with my eevolution group

09 July 2012
New photos in old galleries!! There are LULU from Final Fantasy X and CLAUDE FAUSTUS in his wolf version from Kuroshitsuji

13 June 2012
Another new cosplay ! This time is Naruko Anjou ( Anaru) From AnoHana (
Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai).

31May 2012
A new cosplay! It's Sugata Shindo,from Star driver.In ANIME section

20 May 2012
Today I bring some new photos in two old cosplay Gallery.They are Haku from Naruto and Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts .

11 May 2012
It's been a while since I didn't post any original costume...Today I bring a fantasy one! It's an original designed fairy,in the VARIOUS COSPLAY section.

18 April 2012
Today ...a new cosplay ! It's YOU MARINO from Star ANIME section u__u

05April 2012
As an Easter gift i bring you a new is CLAUDE FAUSTUS in ALois's dress XD..Enjoy in ANIME section.Soon I'll upload a new video.

22 March 2012
That is such a productive period XD Another new gallery! It is a new version of CIEL PHANTOMHIVE.His Cow suit is based on a New Year picture from Yana Toboso.Enjoy it in ANIME GALLERY

04 March 2012
Another new cosplay! It's NEZUMI form no.6 .In ANIME section

28 February 2012
A lot of updates today!!I've added some new photos on my VANILLE gallery,some photos and a video in my  CIEL in pink dress gallery and I bring a new cosplay.It is VEXEN ,fom Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Enjoy them all!

04 February 2012
And here you are a new Cosplay. It is CLAUDE FAUSTUS in his military Uniform,from Kuroshitsuji .Enjoy it in  ANIME section.

23 January 2012
Today a bring you a news *___* .I've refreshed all the pages of the site. In every cosplay page you will find the direct link to the video of the esibitions.So you cans see them here >w<.And in the video Gallery you will find the link to my YouTube Channel. Enjoy.Soon new galleries,and new cosplays *_*


28 December 2011
Last Update of the year,with the last gallery from Lucca comics.It is CLAUDE FAUSTUS as RED RIDING HOOD WOLF,from an official illustration of Kuroshitsuji's mangaka. In ANIME section

19 December 2011
Another Gallery from Lucca comics. Now it's the turn of CIEL in PINK DRESS from Kuroshitsuji. In ANIME section

07 December 2011
New Gallery for a new cosplay! It's VANITAS from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.In VIDEOGAMES section

15 November 2011
Today  the updates of two old galleries of  two of my favourite costumes. They are DEIDARA and AXEL, that I brought on Friday and Saturday at Lucca Comics!

09 November 2011
Back from Lucca Comics >__<.Soon I'll add the new costumes I made..but now..some new phots of CLAUDE FAUSTUS in his classic and MAKING OF KUROSHITSUJI version,and of CIEL in KIMONO suit *^*

25October 2011
New Gallery !!!It YOUJI from LOVELESS.In ANIME Section u__u.Some new photos in SOUBI Gallery.See you at LUCCA COMICS AND GAMES!

15 October 2011
Added four new videos in the VIDEOS section.Leave a comment on Youtube!

02 October 2011
New gallery online: XIGBAR in Port Royal Version ( Pirate of the carribeans' World).In VIDEOGAMES Section

12 September 2011
And now a new gallery,From Rimini Comix.It is AXEL in Land on Dragons version ( Mulan's world).Enjoy

21 August 2011
I've to add some galleries,but I'm waiting for some today I've add two VIDEOS in the section and in their  galleries.They are about CLAUDE FAUSTUS and SOUBI AGATSUMA cosplay u__u

04 August 2011
Today a new gallery.It is CLAUDE FAUSTUS in the OAV "Making of Kuroshitsuji" Version.Enjoy !

10 July 2011
TWO new cosplay galleries this time! ZEXION in school uniform,from Kingdom Hearts) and SOUBI AGATSUMA from Loveless.Enjoy them

12 June 2011
You can find two new video in CLAUDE FAUSTUS and CIEL PHANTOMHIVE Cosplay gallery,or in the VIDEO section

05June 2011
Online a new gallery! It's CLAUDE FAUSTUS ,the sexy butler of Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji.Enjoy it in the Anime section!

26 May 2011
ANother version of CIEL PHANTOMHIVE cosplay,in his red kimono.You can find him in Anime e Manga section

14 May 2011
And today a sleepy version of CIEL <3,in Anime e manga section

08 May 2011
Updated my video gallery with a lot of new videos *__* HERE!Please leave a comment on YouTube if you like them ^-^

05 May 2011
Today online Ciel Phantomhive gallery in his Demon Version

25 April 2011
Today I bring you the update of a lot of galleries: LEA ,TERRA(from Kingdom Hearts) and SESSHOMARU ( Inuyasha) that i wore at Cartoomics,some new photos of AXEL (Kingdom Hearts) from Ludicomics and others of CIEL(Kuroshitsuji)L from Imola Games,where I won Best Group award =) .Soon a lot of new cosplay and videos!
My brother opened his site,you can fin it there
                           << LUKY COSPLAY>>

20 March 2011
I'm back From Cartoomics!It was 4 years since I went there,and this time I've had a lot of fun.Soon I'll add photos and videos!Now I bring you a New cosplay,worn at Mantova Comics.It is CIEL PHANTOMHIVE from Kuroshitsuji,finally an anime cosplay for me XD.Enjoy ^-^

22 February 2011
As I promised yesterday..I bring you FOUR NEW VIDEOS! In the VIDEOS section,of course u.u

21 February 2011
And Today a new cosplay !! It's Terranort ,from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. I'm also uploading videos on my youtube channel..stay tuned!

06 February 2011
Here you are the BLINDFOLDED RIKU GALLERY ,from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days.In Videogames Section

23 January 2011
Today I bring you the last gallery of my cosplay from Lucca comics.It is HALLOWEEN TOWN AXEL,in vampire suit,from Kingdom Hearts. Soon I'll add a lot of videos.

06 January 2011
First update of the new year with a new gallery!It's MARLUXIA from Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories.You can see him in the VIDEOGAMES section ^-^

16 December 2010
Perhaps the last update of the year. Stay tuned cause I've a lot of photos and videos to upload!But today I bring you SESSHOMARU from Inuyasha!You can see him in the Anime gallery.

26 November 2010
Online the second gallery of my cosplay from Lucca Comics and Game 2010.It is TERRA from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, you can see him in the VIDEOGAMES section.

09 November 2010
Online the first gallery of my cosplay from Lucca Comics and Game 2010.It is OERBA DIA VANILLE from Final Fantasy XIII, you can see her in the VIDEOGAMES section.

17 October 2010
Today I bring you four new VIDEOS! You can find them in the Videos page or on my YouTube Channel

25 September 2010
Today I bring you a new gallery for an old cosplay XD.It is the redone gallery of RIKU KID, from Kingdom Hearts . You can find it in the VIDEOGAMES section,where there are also some new photos of LEA! Stay Tuned for a lot of videos.

23 September 2010
A new interview for the site
GUIDE.SUPEREVA.IT .Enjoy it in the PRESS section!

02 September 2010
New Cosplay: DEIDARA SCHOOL BOY. Next Time I'll upload a lot of videos, stay tuned.

01 August 2010
And Now  a new Gallery *_* : DYING ITACHI, from Naruto . And Stay Tuned cause I've a lot of update to bring you *^*

15 June 2010
Here you are a new gallery and a new Kingdom Hearts cosplay ^-^.It is ZEXION from Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories. Enjoy it

31 May 2010
On the last day of May,I bring the first of some new cosplay *^*.It is DEIDARA, in an original version, inspired to the kimono artbook version drawn by Kishimoto. Stay Tuned!

18 May 2010
Today I bring a new video.It's about XIGBAR cosplay, and you can see it in the VIDEO section

09 May 2010
In this update I bring a New Cosplay! It is XIGBAR, obiouvsly from Kingdom Hearts II. Wait for the video of the exibition  and for a new cosplay gallery, soon :D

11 April 2010
Three new videos in VIDEO section. They are about SASUKE LEA and RIKU cosplay.

05 April 2010
The site dedicated a page to me! Come and see it HERE!

28 March 2010
New update and new cosplay <3: LEA from Kingdom Hearts Birh By Sleep.Enjoy his gallery and some new photos of ITACHI and AXEL

17 March 2010
And this time I bring a LOT of news!First of all,as you can see a new layout.I love it so much *-*.I removed the tag board so if you want to leave a message sign the new GUESTBOOK.IN the latest gallery you will see the last updated gallery of my  cosplay: RIKU REPLICA with the real Riku Suit. There are also.some new photos of MULAN.Enjoy my new site =) and remember to help me signing my guestbook

28 January 2010
Tadaaaan here I'm.I know it's a lot of time! But I'm bringing you two videos .You can find them in the VIDEOS section.

20 November 2009
Uploaded on YouTube and added to the VIDEO section the video of Axel Roxas and Xion at Lucca comics 2009.It is a remake of a famous cutscene of teh game.Enjoy and comment it,please <3

07 November 2009
Go and visit the CG SECTION: 3 new cg by Kima <3

04 November 2009
Here I am, back from Lucca comics 2009! I bring you four new galleries! DEIDARA, UCHIHA ITACHI,in Anime gallery  and AXEL and AXEL HALLOWEEN TOWN in Videogames gallery. Enjoy and stay tuned<3

01 July 2009
Online cosplay contest started! Please vote for me every day >___<.I'm number 15 !

03 May 2009
Uploaded New VIDEOS in the section ! They are my MULAN ,RIKU and RIKU REPLICA new cosplay video =)

13 April 2009

This time I uploaded two news about my Riku cosplay: new shots from RIKU gallery, an a new RIKU REPLICA School dress version gallery,both in the videogames section. There is also a new CG ,thanks to Kima =)

01 March 2009

First update of the year.As you see ,here you are a new graphic ^-^.I like it a lot.But I bring either some news! In CG section you will find some new artworks by Kima,featuring Riku Replica cosplay and Sasuke akatsuki. and in PRESS section you will find 3 new Articles about me X3. I'm also making a new gallery featuring Riku,stay tuned =).

23 NOVEMBER 2008

Online 3 new gallery,from LUCCA COMICS ,the biggest Italian convention. They are MULAN
I'm cosplayer of the month on

20 OCTOBER 2008

I've finally completed my VIDEOS gallery !! Enjoy

19 OCTOBER 2008

Finally I did it.Online the new gallery of a very old cosplay: Fujin fron Final Fantasy VIII.Enjoy it and
stay tuned ,cause soon ther will be a lot of news


Added a new interview for the blog Uncanny Xman. Here !
I've refreshed my gallery on Cosplay lab And soon I'll do the same on Cosplay .com.Let's take a look.

04 AUGUST 2008

Vote for me at the online cosplay contest 2008:I'm number 12 ,with the Riku Replca cosplay.

12 APRIL 2008

I'm cosplayer of the month on to the PRESS page!
Also updated the
Sai's gallery,with some new shots.I'll soon add
the videos to the site,promise >.<

 02 APRIL 2008

And here I am!My site is finally online!Hope you'll enjoy it